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A Handmade Thank You Card for Someone Special

Julie has created another card that can be used for a variety of occasions. It can be used for Mother’s Day, a birthday or a thank you to someone special. The top layer with the diagonal cut is not as hard as it looks, so Julie took extra pictures to show the steps.

  • The top white panel was cut before Julie stamped the flowers using ‘36019 – Flowers and Vases Stamp Set’. Since she was trying something new with the dies, she didn’t want to have to start over with coloring the flowers if it didn’t work out.
  • Julie used Copic makers to color the flowers and vases. Here is a picture of the colors she chose to use.
  • Here are the instructions for how she did the diagonal half cut background.
  • Julie used the largest ‘5003D – Nested Rectangle Die‘ to cut the entire front. She placed the smaller rectangle evenly on top. Then she used a smaller top cutting plate, placed it diagonally from corner to corner, and ran it through the machine. Since only half of die was covered by the top plate, it only cut that half. Above picture is how it looked after cutting only half.
  • Julie then took a ruler with a metal edge, placed it diagonally from corner to corner of the cut, and used a craft knife to cut the diagonal.
  • Then the flowers & greeting were stamped on the uncut diagonal half. Julie masked the short jar of flowers then stamped the tall one behind it. All except the edge of the tall one on the right. Since they’re both glass, you’d still be able to see that edge through the top jar.
  •  Julie placed the plaid cut background, cut using ‘5512-01D – Plaid Cover Die‘, behind the opening, then the scraped acrylic paint background under all of it. Julie made this background a long while back. Basically, you put drops of acrylic paint on card stock, then scrape across the paint with a tool. Julie used a credit card and metallic shimmer acrylic paint.
  • Julie has made another very cute and versatile card that can be used for a number of occasions. Be sure to visit us on Instagram, Pinterest and our blog to see more exciting ideas for you to create your own special card.

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