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Meet The Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team!

We are so excited to announce the inaugural 2024 Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team!

We are very excited to share the Brass & Bliss Craft Co Design Team members . These talented creatives bring you all the inspiration and ideas on our blog and we feel blessed to have them all as part of our family. Scroll down and get to know them all!

Meet Kittie Caracciolo, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Kittie Caracciolo is a Rubbernecker Associate Designer, who constantly inspires our die-cut products; she even has her own line of dies within the Brass & Bliss Shop. After a four decade career in Medical Administration, Kittie is now enjoying being home with her husband and her two aging cats and two young ACTIVE dogs. She loves having lots of time to spend playing in her craft room and sharing her creations with you. Fun Fact: her mother was a florist and she learned so much about floral design from her. When dies and die cutting machines were introduced, Kittie completely fell in love with using her floral design skills to create dimensional floral designs as well as dimensional scenes. WOW! That’s is such a beautiful way to honor her mama!  Kittie has served on many design teams over the years and is thrilled to now work exclusively with Rubbernecker. Kittie says “They make me feel like part of the family.” We love you, Kittie!

Meet Julie Warner, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Julie Warner is an Associate Designer who creates many of our stunning projects and is actually the artist behind the coloring of our product artwork for packaging. Julie is a Texan now living in northern Georgia and says she HAS to always in creative mode with art, music, decoupage, knitting or any other fun creative activity. Julie started stamping “way back in high school art class” where she carved her own stamps out of erasers and linoleum blocks! She started her own rubber stamp collection before anyone really knew what to do with them and rest is history! Julie says the only downside to her ever growing collection of creative goodies is that she wishes the space to store everything would expand along with the supplies themselves!

Meet Lisa Bzibziak, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Meet our creative Designer, Lisa Bzibziak. Lisa has been papercrafting for 25+ years and is amazed at the changes that are constantly happening in this arena!  She loves having crafts in her hands and her pups by her side. In the last few years she discovered Copics and mixed media, so you’ll find lots of different mediums, color and dimension on her projects. She says the best part of crafting is, “the never ending inspiration I get from my fellow crafters!”. Lisa has been on our team for several years, and we are so happy that she’s continuing on with us for the 2024 year. Welcome back, Lisa! 

Meet Allison Arbor, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Meet Allison Arbour, our Canadian Designer who deals with the headache of customs in order to craft with our amazing products. Allison has been with our team for over 5 years and makes the most wonderful light and bright cards and always uses the most amazing color combinations to bring a fun twist to each creation. Welcome back, Allison, we are so happy to have you on for another year!

Meet Carol Hintermeier, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Meet our awesome Designer, Carol Hintermeier. Carol joined the team in 2020 but has been inspiring us for years. Carol makes her home in Texas (born and raised) with her husband of 36 years. She has two grown daughters who live close by, and although they are empty nesters, they do have a Maltese fur-baby named Baxter. Carol has loved crafting since childhood, doing things like embroidery, crochet, sewn clothes, macrame and scrapbooking. Other things she enjoys are planting flowers, biking, walks, and her latest addiction—pickleball! How fun! She started making cards over 15 years ago and its become her most favorite craft! Please join us in welcoming Carol to the team for another year! 

Meet Sammi Offield, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Say ‘Hello’ to our lovely new designer, Sammi Offield.  Sammi has been crafting for over 20 years, moving from scrapbooking to cardmaking. Like many of us, she loves all mediums, especially Copic coloring.  She gravitates to florals and scene cards, although she can do all different styles.  Sammi is a huge Disney fan and with her love of travel, she makes it a priority to go to Disneyland at least once a year. So fun!  Sammi makes her home in the mountains in Northern California where she is a dog mama to two amazing pugs. We are so excited that she will be joining us again for the 2024 year!

Meet Meghan Kennnihan, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Check out Meghan Kennihan, our vibrant designer who’s projects really WOW! Meghan loves BRIGHT colors, patterned papers and her cardmaking style leans towards cute and whimsical creations. We love the playfulness and color palettes her style brings to the team.  When Meghan is not crafting, she is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor.  As you can tell from her profile pictures, she is a fun-loving dog mom to Maddie, as well as an Identical twin, and an Aunt to two nephews and two nieces. So Fun!  We are so excited to have Meghan again this year! 

Meet Preeti Chandran, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Meet Preeti Chandran, our amazing Video Content Creator, who brings our products to life with her amazing video tutorials.  Preeti makes her home in North Carolina with her family. Thirteen years ago she was full steam into her practice as a physician when her son was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. Preeti made the decision to leave her career and commit full time to raising her boy. Now that he’s become so independent Preeti has found that she’s got plenty of time on her hands and after stumbling over the art of card making, she was thrilled to dive into something that allowed her to be creative and share her cards with friends and family. She took the leap to sharing with the rest of the world after being persuaded by her daughters, and we are so thankful she did. Preeti loves to hand out her creations to the drive through baristas, delighted cashiers, teachers and even strangers who Preeti believes needs some cheer. Her guiding words are “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!” and she does this through spreading as much joy, kindness and unconditional love she can. Join us in welcoming Preeti back to the team for 2024!

Meet Dominique Bailey, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Check out Dominique Bailey, our fabulous new designer. Dominique is a Pittsburgh native who has been crafting in various forms since childhood. When she was a teenager she received a scrapbooking kit as a birthday gift. However, due to the popularity of digital cameras, she wasn’t printing pictures as often to create a scrapbook page. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for her to realize that you could use the same materials from scrapbooking for card making. The rest was history. Dominique really enjoys crafting with die cuts, stencils, and floral images. Everyday she is grateful to be apart of this community where she can not only receive inspiration, but also provide inspiration to others. She is also wife and a mom to a beautiful five year old daughter (her best and cutest creation to date). Join in in welcoming her to the team!

Meet Kendra Sand, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Say ‘Hi’ to Kendra Sand, our fun new designer from Wisconsin! Kendra lives in Wisconsin with her high school sweetheart and their two active kids!! She is a SAHM in winter and work landscaping in summer (how fun)! When she’s not spending time with her family at sporting events or playing games, she has a passion for flowers as well as crafting! She started scrapbooking 25 years ago as both her husband and her raced at a local race track and she wanted to keep track of their wins through photos!  From that her love for papercraft grew into a HUGE obsession!  She loves inspiring others, as well as being inspired by fellow crafters!!  She love papers, dies and cute stamps, and is excited to design for us this year. Please welcome Kendra to the Brass & Bliss team!

Meet Tracy Schneiders, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Say ‘Hello’ to our new designer Tracy Schneiders. Tracy lives in a college town in Delaware with her husband of 12 years.  She has worked in the childcare/teaching field for almost 20 years and loves incorporating art and creativity into every day. She also love hiking and just about anything outside. She has been cardmaking for about 8 years but only got seriously into it in the last several years.  She love all of the different mediums that can be incorporated into papercrafting.  Her favorite has to be coloring with alcohol markers but she is currently venturing into water color and color pencils.  She has worked with a handful of companies and honestly has loved every one.  She excited to share so many more projects with you as a designer here at Brass & Bliss and we can’t wait to see how she makes our products shine! Welcome Tracy!

Meet Diana Banash, member of the Brass and Bliss Craft Co Design Team for 2024!

Meet Diana Banash, our new designer who makes the most beautiful die-cut cards! Diana is a native East-coaster, now residing in the Pacific Northwest with her furbaby Sam. She is drawn to the immense natural beauty and landscapes of that region and finds it inspires her creativity more and more every day. She began card making in 2013 and immediately discovered her love of Copic coloring. She’s been naturally crafty since she was very young and love getting her hands into anything she could express herself through. Her loves are jewelry making, creating fine cuisine, cake decorating, sewing and her biggest love of all, die-cutting! Join us in welcoming Diana to the 2024 team!

Say ‘Hi’ to Christina. Bio coming soon!