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Birthday Cards

As card makers, we make a LOT of birthday cards! It’s the one thing that seems to never change and we love that people still want to make and send these annual celebrations of someone else.

We have so many fun things to use to make birthday cards from entire stamps sets devoted to the cake, fun greetings to poke gentle fun at the number of years someone is celebrating, charming images that can be transformed into a birthday celebration with just a sentiment. We have dies that can help you make realistic looking motifs like candles, balloons and, well, cake! With stencils and paper pad designs that round out the selection, there is no end to the kinds and styles of birthday cards you can make.

We also have loads and loads of designs you can make as is or change up to fir your own vision – check them out and get some inspiration!

Gel Prints for cards

Using Gel Prints to Create Beautiful Cards

Who loves new card making techniques? We know we are always looking for fresh ways to use our creativity, and Gel Printing definitely checks all those boxes. Today’s cards are not only fun to look at, they are fun to make!

Bee Birthday Card using Brass and Bliss Craft Co products

Happy Bee-Day Card Just in Time for Spring

Do you have a spring birthday coming up? This card will bring delight by saying “Happy Bee-Day” to the recipient! Check out this fresh new paper pad and Buzzy Bee stamps for the perfect spring card!