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Busy Bees on an “Impossible” Fold Card

Impossible Fold Card

Looking for a unique card that’s sure to WOW? We have steps on how to make the “Impossible” fold card, and you are going to want to save this tutorial to reference again, because its amazing!

Our designer, Kendra, loves creating fun fold cards! She has one of her newest favorite folds to share with us today; an “Impossible” Fold Card! It’s called “impossible” simply because your brain can’t quite discern how it was made. You look at the card and it’s hard to compute how one card base can be cut and folded to create such an interesting design. Follow along with the steps and photos below and prepare to be dazzled by this fun and not-so-impossible card fold!

Steps for making this card:
  • Kendra started by creating the card base; 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. Score down the center of the card at 2 1/8″. (short side) Cut on one long side at 2 3/4″ to score line. On other long side cut 1″ in from edge on both sides to score line. (See photo for clarity)
  • Hold card base so that it is 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″, hold left side still and flip right side under. See photo to see what the card base should look like. (If you’d prefer to fold the left side under, you can do that too, but Kendra folded the right side under)
  • Cut two pieces of black cardstock 2 1/2″ x 4″. Lightly mark from top left corner to right at 1 3/4″. Mark from top left corner down at 2 1/8″. Trim at each mark till they meet. These pieces will be flipped over. (See photo) The rectangle piece is scrap.
  • Cut two pieces of yellow cardstock 2 1/4″ x 3 3/4″. Lightly mark from top left corner to right at 1 3/4″. Mark from top left corner down at 2 1/8″. Trim at each mark till they meet. These pieces will be flipped over. The rectangle piece is once again scrap. Adhere the yellow layer to the black layer. Adhere left panel to card base. Set other layer aside.
  • Die cut ‘5304-03D Honeycomb Die‘ from yellow card stock three times. Save a few of the inside hexagon pieces for a later. Trim honeycomb design as shown in picture. Set two aside. Adhere one to black and yellow panel not yet adhered to card base. Trim off excess pieces that hang over edges. Panel can then be adhered to card base.
  • Cut white cardstock 5 1/2″ x 3/4″. Stamp ‘Just a note from me to you’ sentiment from ‘36025 Buzzy Bees‘ stamp set in black ink towards right side.
  • Cut black cardstock 5 1/2″ x 1″. Adhere sentiment layer to the top.
  • Adhere to bottom of card base, this piece will help stabilize the card.
  • Adhere honeycomb piece to the left of the sentiment. Trim pieces that hang over edge of card base.
  • Prepare focal panel for the center standing piece; cut black cardstock 3 1/8″ x 1 7/8″. Die cut 2nd smallest rectangle from ‘5013D Nested Rectangle Small Stitch Die Set‘ from yellow cardstock. Adhere to black layer. Die cut largest rectangle ‘ticket’ tag from ‘5704D Nested Tag Dies‘ from black cardstock. Adhere to previous layers. Adhere last remaining honeycomb design to left side. Trim excess.
  • Die cut middle rectangle ‘ticket’ tag from ‘5704D Nested Tag Dies‘ from white cardstock. Stamp ‘Happy Bee-Day’ from ‘36025 Buzzy Bees‘ stamp set in black ink. Adhere to center panel layers using pop dots.
  • Stamp flying bee from ‘36025 Buzzy Bees‘ stamp set in black ink on Copic friendly paper. Color with Copics. Die cut bee using coordinating ‘36025D Buzzy Bees Die‘. Adhere to upper right of sentiment on center layers with pop dots.
  • Using the die cut hexagon pieces saved from earlier, add pop dots to the back and adhere to the left and right panels in honeycomb design to your liking.
  • Finish card by adding black pearls.

WOW! The fold is seriously so much fun, but also, this bee design is off the charts! We are OBSESSED with how fun this card is to make and love all the different elements Kendra added to make this “impossible” fold card even more EXTRA! Let us know in the comments, have you ever made a card using this fold before or is this new to you?

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We hope you loved this tutorial as much as we did. Be sure to check out more on Instagram and follow us over on Pinterest. We really appreciate you sharing us with your crafty community, as we are still trying to share the rebrand with people. We thank you for supporting our small business and really hope you are loving all the new items!

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