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A Beautiful Daisy Stenciled Background with Butterflies & Flowers

Daisy Bloom Stencil

A good stenciled background adds so much to your card project! Todays card uses our anticipated ‘Daisy Bloom’ stencil, and it makes this card really shine!

Today we have a beautiful daisy stenciled background with butterflies & flowers for you! Dawn used the ‘3208 Daisy Bloom’ stencil from our March 20th ‘Garden Party’ Release. Here is a little sneak peek of the upcoming set! Follow along as we build this fun card, and show step by step progress photos for the stenciling and coloring of this card. This is a great tutorial to pin for later (hint hint).

A Beautiful Daisy Stenciled Background with Butterflies & Flowers
  • Dawn started her card by cutting a piece of white card stock at 5″ x 5″.
  • She added a little re-positional tape on the back of the card stock to keep it from moving when laying the stencil on top of the card stock. Dawn used the new Brass and Bliss ‘3208 Daisy Bloom Stencil‘ to make this beautiful card.
  • Another option when using stencils on top of card stock is to use a magnetic board and use the magnets to hold the stencil and card stock in place.
  • Dawn picked out three succeeding colors to use from the ‘Color Fuse Set #9‘ inks.
  • Using your lightest color start in the middle and do a circular motion moving outwards.
  • Next, using your middle color, lightly blend from the end of your lightest color and blend out in a circular motion.
  • Make sure you blend the two colors until there is a smooth transition.
  • Now do the same thing with your darkest color.
  • Now the fun part. The big reveal! Remove the stencil to see your beautiful work.
  • If you like it like, then you are done with the inks.
  • Taking the darkest color from the Color Fuse pack add your color around the entire image.
  • Stamp out all of your images from the ‘36026 – Butterfly Kisses Stamp Set‘ from white card stock.
  • Make sure to leave room to be able to use the coordinating dies ‘36026D – Butterfly Kisses Dies‘ for easy cutting.
  • Dawn used Copic Markers to color the images. The color combinations are listed below.
  • Pink – V17 R59 RV14 RV23 RV10 Colorless Blender
  • Purple – B34 V06 V04 V01 YG41
  • Yellow – B63 RV32 Y17 Y15 Y13
  • Green – YG67 YG17 YG03
  • White – C3 C1 C00
  • Body of Butterflies – W6 W4
  • Dawn stamped more leaves and another flower and stem to add to her card.
  • She used washi tape to hold her dies in place while cutting.
  • Now you can see what she meant about making sure you have plenty of room for your dies.
Coloring Butterfly Kisses stamp set from Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • Using the “Hello Sunshine” sentiment from the ‘36026 – Butterfly Kisses Stamp Set‘, she stamped the phrase in the middle of the flowers from the stencil.
  • Dawn recommends you play with the placement of the images before gluing anything down. This allows you to see if more or less images are needed. Dawn knew she wanted to add another daisy and more greenery along the bottom of the card.
  • At this point Dawn knew she was making a 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ inch card and would need two mat colors. She picked colors to compliment the colors of the butterflies, flowers and greenery.
Yellow and Green base layers for card.
  • Now that you have your placement, you can start gluing your elements to the card.
  • Using dimensional tape, Dawn put it on the backs of the daisies but glued the stems down.
  • Next, add the greenery to the bottom of the card.
  • Dawn popped up every third greenery, as shown below.
  • Once all the greenery has been adhered to the card, flip your card over and cut off the excess.
  • Cut the green mat piece at 5 1/4″ by 5 1/4″.
  • Cut the yellow mat piece at 5 3/8″ x 5 3/8″
  • Then adhere them together.
Stenciled Card background with Daisy Bloom stencil from Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • Dawn knew she wanted to add some more interest to the top of the card so she added the sun and rays from ‘5147-07D – Sun Moon Die‘, cutting the sun out of two different shades of yellow.
  • She also cut some clouds using ‘5100-12D – Cloud Die‘ as you will see in the end pictures.
Sun Die cut by Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • As for the butterflies, Dawn popped them up with dimensional tape as well.
  • Adhere the clouds and sun to the upper part of the card.
  • Then adhere the completed panel to the 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ card base and your card is complete!
A Beautiful Daisy Stenciled Background with Butterflies & Flowers

We are sure this card will bring delight to any recipient. It is such a fun spring card, made for just saying “Hello” to a friend. Be sure to check out other spring cards on Instagram. Mark your calendars for March 20th so you can shop all of the items used to make this amazing card!