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A Mother’s Day Card with Beautiful Flowers and Butterflies

Mothers Day Card with Flowers and Butterflies

Creating a handmade Mother’s Day card adorned with beautiful flowers and butterflies is a heartfelt gesture which will convey the gratitude and love you have for your mom in a personal and meaningful way.

Many refer to the card Dominique has created a “Window Card” since you can see through the cover. This card may seem intimidating but it’s really quite easy! This card not only celebrates Mother’s Day but also Spring. The intricate details of the background, flowers and butterflies add a touch of elegance and charm to the card, making it a unique and special token of appreciation. Taking the time to craft this card yourself demonstrates the effort and thoughtfulness you have put into creating something truly special for your mom on her special day. Follow along as we create this Mothers Day card with beautiful flowers and butterflies!

Mothers Day Card with Beautiful flowers and butterflies by  Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • First, to create a window card, select a cover die with a good amount of cut out spaces. For this card, Dominique used the Brass and Bliss’s ‘5619D – Paver Cover Die‘. This cover die was selected because it looks like an outdoor wall lattice.
  • Next, select the elements you would like to see on your card. To celebrate the coming of spring, Dominique used the following spring time dies: ‘5210-06D – Tulip Stems Die‘, ‘5147-18D – Tulip Top Die‘, ‘5147-05D – Flower Stems Die‘, ‘5422-04D – Small Flowers #4 Die‘, ‘5147-08D – Small Butterflies Die‘, ‘5102D – 2 Part Butterfly #3 Die‘, ‘5210-02D – Grass #2 Die‘, and ‘5406D – Hello Script w/ Shadow Die‘.
  • Once you’ve selected your elements, pick out a color scheme. Since this card is made for spring time, using the pastel colors work great.
  • Die cut all of your spring time dies and glue them together. Also, select your desired sentiment. Since Dominique wanted this to be a Mother’s Day card, she selected the Happy Mother’s Day stamp from ‘3417 – Mother’s Day Set‘. She stamped the sentiment in Crimson from the ‘Color Fuse Set #4‘ on a velum banner. Watercolor ink on velum takes quite a while to dry so to speed up this process, Dominique sprinkled some clear embossing powder on the sentiment and then heat embossed.
  • Plan where you want everything placed on the card panel. Once you have finalized your design, start to adhere your elements to the card front. Dominique used liquid glue for this step.
  • Next, take a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card base and lay the card panel on onto the base but do not glue it down! You are going to want to keep the panel temporarily secured, so Dominque used magnets for this. If you are not working on a magnetic surface, you can use a low tack tape for this.
  • Using a pencil, lightly trace the inside edge of the of the card panel. Since you want a standard book fold card, you are going to trace the left edge.
  • Next, you are going to want to cut the card base along the edge of the traced line that you just created. Not the whole base, just the part where you traced.
  • Once cut, you are going to want to use a strong double sided tape on the small portion of card base. Then you are going to want to adhere the card panel to the card base.
  • And there you have it! A window card for that very deserving mother in your life.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see more Spring-like cards.

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