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Easy Mother’s Day Card Using Pre-Colored Dahlias and a Butterfly

Dahlia paper pad from Brass and Bliss craft Co.

Creating a beautiful Mother’s Day card using pre-colored dahlias is a lovely way to show your appreciation for your mom.

Dominique created this card with the vision of a sunny day with clear blue skies. Today she created a window card showing another technique to achieve this fun look using the pre-colored Dahlias. Join us as she shows her steps to create this fun Mothers Day card!

  • Start creating this card by picking out a few of the pre-printed floral pages from ‘2017-Delightful Dahlia Paper Pad‘, You will need a total of eight flowers. The pre-printed colored flowers are nice because it saves you time. The colorful, bright, and vibrant florals in this paper pack come in handy when you are pinched for time!
  • Once you have selected your florals, cut the pages in half at the 3-inch mark, this will make it easier to die cut.
  • After the page is cut down to 3×6 inches, use ‘2017D – Delightful Dahlia Paper Pad Coordinating Die’, by laying the die over the top of the floral image. To ensure the die does not move while cutting, use some low tack tape to temporarily hold the die in place. Run this though the die cut machine and set aside. Repeat all of these steps until all of your images have been cut.
  • Next, using the ‘5708-02D – Wood Plank Die’ [sneak peek! This item will be released on March 20th!] die cut a few planks. Once the planks have been cut out, color them using your ink blending brushes and your Color Fuse inks. Dominique used Pecan from the ‘Color Fuse Set #3’ and Amaretto from ‘Color Fuse Set #1’. Tip: Color the whole plank using Amaretto and then ink the outer edges using Pecan.
  • Once the planks are colored to your liking, glue them down onto a blank sheet of paper. Dominique recommends using a thin sheet of paper because it will be easier on your die and die cut machine in the next step.
  • Working on the card base is next. Create a 5×7 card base. Place the ‘5619D – Paver Cover Die’ in the center of the card and temporarily secure with low tack tape. Run this through the die cut machine. Make sure the card is open so you are only cutting through the front side.
  • Next, are you are going to need some transparent Scotch tape. The matte version will work best. From the inside of the card, tape the paver panel to the card base.
  • Once your taping is completed , glue your flower basket to the front panel of the card. For a little added interest, die cut a butterfly using the ‘5102D – 2 Part Butterfly #3 Die’ and add that to your card.

Now your card is complete! We hope you enjoyed creating today’s card!

Be sure to check Brass and Bliss Craft Co on Instagram and Pinterest to see more amazing cards just in time for Spring and Mother’s Day.

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