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Show Some Puppy Love for Your Canine-Loving Friends.

Puppy Love- Handmade card for canine-loving friends

Making a Valentine’s Day card for your canine-loving friends is sure to be a hit. Let’s show some puppy love with these two handmade Valentine’s Day cards, filled with hearts for those canine-loving friends.

Dogs never cease to amaze us with their silly antics, especially when there is a line of dogs all facing forward and then a line of dogs all facing backward. We normally don’t get to see the dogs’ backside on a card, so this is just too cute. Dogs truly are man’s best friend, in more ways than one. Today, Meghan is making two Valentine’s Day cards using ‘3486-02-Dogs Front and Back Set’.

Card #1: The Dog is My Favorite

Puppy Love Valentines Day Card by Brass and Bliss Craft Co
  • Meghan began this card by trimming a piece of paper from the ‘Brass & Bliss 2201-Heart Strings Paper Pad‘ to put on the front of a white A2 base card.
  • Next, she used ‘5500-02D-Outside Scallop Frame Die‘ to cut out a frame in red to put around the paper from the paper pad.
  • Meghan then stamped, colored and cut out the dogs facing forward using ‘3486-02 Dogs Front and Back Stamp Set‘ and ‘3486-02D Dogs Front and Back Die‘. She placed the dogs at the bottom of the card.
  • Meghan chose a phrase from ‘36024-I Adore You Set‘ and using black ink stamped on a rectangle piece of white card stock, which she backed with the same shade as the scalloped frame.
  • Lastly, Meghan used the same red paper to cut hearts from ‘5700-02D-Stacked Hearts Die‘, giving a small white accent on each heart. She placed the hearts down the middle of the card.

Card #2: But You’re Okay Too

Roses are Red, violets are blue, the dog is my favorite, but your ok too.
  • Meghan did this card exactly as above, but used brown paper with hearts from ‘Brass & Bliss 2201-Heart Strings Paper Pad'” as her paper and trimmed it to fit on the front of an A2 white card base. Then she used brown for the scalloped frame, hearts, and the backing for the phrase. She used the dog paw and the back facing dogs from ‘3486-02-Dogs Front and Back Set‘.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and gifting a cute card is one of the most popular ways to convey your feelings. Friends who are dog lover’s will really enjoy either of these cards. Be sure to follow Brass and Bliss on Instagram.


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