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How to make a Sophisticated Heart Shaker Card

How to make a Sophisticated Heart Shaker Card

If you’re looking for a fun way to express your love, consider crafting a personalized Shaker Card. To make your card stand out, try using a heart stencil, glimmering gold letters and some fancy gold accents. Gold is an elegant and luxurious color, adding a touch of sophistication to your card. This thoughtful gesture is a beautiful way to show your appreciation for your loved ones.

Christina loves a good stencil and ‘4302-Stacked Hearts Stencil‘ is a really good one. She is also a big fan of shaker cards and this project combines both! Christina used the stencil twice, stenciling with gradient colors of pink to red. She started at the top with pink and gradually blended in the medium color and then the darkest color at the bottom. She shifted the stencil so the negative spaces covered the positive spaces, and again, stenciled from pink to red but changed the direction from the bottom to the top. This was such a fun and easy technique, and the results are impressive. She added lots of gold accents; gold cardstock, gold paint splatters, and even tied some frilly gold strings around this Valentine’s Day shaker card. To tie everything together, Christina filled the shaker card with red, white, and pink hearts and a little gold confetti. Follow along as we show you How to make a Sophisticated Heart Shaker Card.

How to make a Sophisticated Heart Shaker Card
  • STEP 1 – Stencil ‘4302-Stacked Hearts‘ onto an A2 white card panel using ‘Color Fuse Inks Set #4‘ in Posey, Scarlet and Crimson. Start with the lightest color at the top and gradually blend towards the bottom, adding the medium shade and then the darkest shade.
Stacked Heart Stencil by Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • STEP 2 – Wipe the stencil clean and place on the already stenciled panel, shifting it so the positive stenciled areas are covered with negative spaces of the stencil. Apply the same inks, gradually blending from pink to red, but starting at the bottom of the panel so the colors are reversed.
Nested Rectangle Die used for a handmade card by Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • STEP 3 – Splatter gold paint across the stenciled panel by tapping a paintbrush with your finger.
  • STEP 4 – Die cut this stenciled heart panel and a plain white cardstock panel with the largest “5003D-Nested Rectangle Die, size 5.25” x 4”. There will be two panels of the same size, one stenciled, one just white cardstock.
  • STEP 5 – Die cut both panels with the second largest “5305-Inside Nested Scallop Die“, size 3.32” x 4.58”. This creates the frame and window for the shaker, leaving the center, stenciled heart panel for the background. The center white cardstock piece can be discarded.
  • STEP 6 – Adhere a piece of acetate cut to size between the stenciled frame piece and the white cardstock frame piece with double-sided tape. This is your shaker window.
How to make a Sophisticated Heart Shaker Card
  • STEP 7 – Attach gold string or twine, about 8”(Christina used multiple thin strands), to the back of the center stenciled heart panel with a piece of tape, near the bottom, leaving the ends off to the sides. 
  • STEP 8 – Attach this panel, with the strings still off to the sides, to an A2 white card panel with liquid adhesive, centering it on the A2 panel.
  • STEP 9 – Attach foam tape to the backside of the shaker window frame, butting the ends close together so the shaker material doesn’t slip through.
  • STEP 10 – Place shaker material on the stenciled heart background panel, away from the edges and the gold string.
  • STEP 11 – Remove release paper from the foam tape and carefully place around the stenciled heart background panel and on top of the gold strings centering it on the A2 card panel. Your shaker material should now be secure and the gold string can now be wrapped around and tied on the front. 
  • STEP 12 – Die cut “5610-01D-Love Word w/Shadow Die” and “5406-06D-You Script w/Shadow Die” from Gold cardstock for the letters and white cardstock for the shadows. Attach the corresponding letters to their shadows with glue. 
  • STEP 13 – Attach these word and shadow die cuts to your acetate window with double-sided tape or glue. Let the glue, if using, completely set before moving on as they will shift easily.
  • STEP 14 – Attach gold baubles as embellishment with glue.
Elegant heart card with Gold accents

This is a spectacular card, we love all the gold embellishments! Want to see another way to use this stencil? Check out how to use this heart stencil with paste for some added texture to your next project!

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