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How to Make Gel Print Backgrounds Using Stencils

Gel Prints using stencils

Creating a gel print using a stencil allows for endless possibilities for creativity and experimentation. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, incorporating stencils into your gel printing process can add depth and dimension to your artwork, making each print a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Before we dive into How to Make Gel Print Backgrounds Using Stencils, let’s discuss what a “Gel Print” actually is. Gel printing—a form of monoprinting—uses layering of paint, stencil, and texture tools on a silicone plate to create printed papers that can be used for card making, collage, and art journal pages. When the print is pulled off of the plate, a unique print will be created. Sounds Fun!

When Lisa creates gel prints, she likes to create a bunch at a time… it’s normally a day long session and so much fun. She absolutely loved using the Feather Plumes stencil for this set of gel prints and thought this one looked elegant and would be perfect with the Birds In Love die.

How to create this card:

  • To begin, gather your materials: a gel printing plate, ‘Color Fuse Ink #9‘, a brayer, ‘4135-Feather Plumes Stencil’, and some paper to print on.
  • Start by applying a thin layer of ink onto the gel plate, then spread the ink using the brayer. Place the stencil on top of the paint and gently press it down to create a design. Carefully place a piece of paper on top of the stencil and gently press it down. Peel off the paper to reveal your gel print creation.
  • Remember to clean your gel plate and stencils after each use to keep them in good condition for future projects.
  • Lisa then die cut the gel print, created with the ‘4135-Feather Plumes Stencil‘, using ‘5013D-Nested Rectangle Small Stitch Die‘.
  • Next, she lined up the stencil over the gel print and added Transfer Gel Duo over the top and set it aside to dry.
  • Once the panel was dry to tacky, Lisa used hand pressure and the ‘4135-Feather Plumes Stencil‘ to apply deco foil over the top.
  • Lisa then die cut the heart from ‘5700-04D-Birds In Love Die‘ from turquoise glitter paper and vellum.
  • She die cut the birds from the ‘5700-04D-Birds In Love Die‘ from a gel print, the ‘5406-06D-You Script w/Shadow‘ from glitter paper, the shadow for the You die from white cardstock, and used one of the heart border dies from ‘5700-03D-Heart Borders Die‘ to cut some tiny hearts from deco-foiled toner paper.
  • Lisa then layered the You word together and layered the birds and wings.
  • She added foam tape to the glitter heart outline and added it to the panel.
  • She adhered the vellum heart insert inside the frame directly to the background.
  • Added foam tape to the birds and placed them over the swirls in the heart frame.
  • Adhered little hearts by the birds… to symbolize their tweets as “love yous”.
  • Lisa popped the ‘You’ onto the corner of the panel.
  • Stamped the sentiments from the ‘35060-You Are Inspiration‘ and trimmed them down and popped them up to complete the sentiment.
  • Added a few more tiny deco foiled hearts around the sentiment.

Lisa says to have fun exploring the world of gel printing and let your creativity soar! You can experiment with different colors, stencils, and techniques to create a variety of prints. We are so excited for this new form of art. How many of you have experimented with Gel Printing before? If you try out this technique, we would love to see what you end up creating. Be sure to tag us in your projects so we can share with our crafty community!

If you love this Bird Die, check out this project from earlier in the month that is equally as beautiful!

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