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How to Make Simple Ombre Ink Blends for Cards

How to Make Simple Ombre Ink Blends for Cards

Take a look at this subtle and simple ombre ink blending effect that adds a level of elegance to your fancy die cut cards.

Ombre ink blending is a trendy technique which involves blending two or more ink colors from light to dark, creating a gradient effect. Carol shows us how simple it is to create a card using the ombre ink blending technique. Carol uses the beautiful new ‘5703D-Rose Border Die‘ to create a gatefold card with ombre ink blending and a separate top folding card inside for a message. We think this is such an elegant card with lots of style and color. Follow along as Carol lays out the steps on how to make simple ombre ink blends for cards.

Steps for making Card:

  • Carol started this card by first trimming 80# white cardstock to 8-½” x 5-½”.
  • Next, she used a scoring tool to score 2-¼” from each end and then got a clean, crisp fold with her bone tool.
Learn How to Make Simple Ombre Ink Blends for Cards.
  • In the photo below, Carol placed the ‘5703D-Rose Border Die“\’ on the 2-¼” piece of the card, secured it with removable tape, and then ran it through her die cutting machine.
  • She repeated this step for the other side of the card.
Die cut on card base from Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • Next, fold the card open and lay it flat with the top side up. Add a strip of removable tape as shown in the next photo.
Blending options for ombre blending of a card.

  • Use an ink blending tool to blend Posey, Scarlet, and Nectar inks from ‘Color Fuse Set #4‘ in an ombre pattern onto the die cut portion of the ‘5703D-Rose Border Die‘. Start along the curvy side of the border with Posey, blending this color down the front edge and about 1/3 of the way into the Heart Border. Next, blend Scarlet down the center of the Heart Border, just overlapping with the Posey a little bit, and finally blend Nectar along the straight edge of the Heart Border, blending into the Scarlet just a little bit.
  • Repeat the above step for the other side of the card.
  • This will create beautiful inked Rose Borders for your gatefold card front.
Gorgeous Die Cut from Brass and Bliss Craft Co. Stunning handmade card.
  • Carol noticed when she opened the “gates” the back of the Rose Borders were still white and did not look as pretty. So, she just repeated the masking and inking steps for the back side of the the rose borders and it is now beautiful, both inside and out.
  • (Please ignore the sentiment stamped in pink in the above photo. She decided against that color as you will soon see.)
  • Next, create an A2 top-folding card base from white cardstock to place inside the gatefold card.
  • For the gates to fold nice and flat over the inside card, trim about 1/8″ or so off the sides of the A2 top-folding card. After the first trimming, place it inside the gatefold card to see if the gates fold easily over it. If not, trim just a bit more off, and check again.
  • Once satisfied with the fit of the A2 card, decorate the inside of the card by using a sentiment and a couple other stamps from from ‘36021-Love Is In The Air Set‘.
  • Stamp a sentiment from the ‘36021-Love Is In The Air Set‘ with black ink on the inside of the A2 card.
  • Then stamp the balloons and envelope from the ‘36021-Love Is In The Air Set‘ with Posey ink from ‘Color Fuse Set #4‘ in the corners as shown.
Sending Love your Way. Stamp sentiment for the inside of greeting card by Brass and Bliss Craft Co.
  • Next, Carol stamped the balloons from ‘36021-Love Is In The Air Set‘ again on a piece of white cardstock in Copic safe black ink. She used a couple alcohol markers to color the balloons. She used her scissors to cut out the balloons.
  • She added sparkle to the balloons with a clear glitter pen.
  • Carol added Glossy Accents only to the middle balloon and set aside to dry. Note: This will keep the Glossy Accents from running all together like it would if added to all three balloons at the same time.
  • When the Glossy Accents is dry on the middle balloon, add it to the other two balloons and let dry.
Add glossy accents to stamped images.
  • Stamp a different sentiment from ‘36021-Love Is In The Air Set‘ in black ink onto white cardstock.
  • Cut the sentiment out with ‘5300D-Nested Rectangle Die‘.
  • Use a blending tool to add Crimson ink to white cardstock in a rectangle shape that’s larger than the die cut center. (Shown in the third photo of this post.)
  • Use glue to adhere the sentiment to the inked cardstock. Then use scissors or a paper trimmer to trim it out with a border as shown in the photos.
  • Plan for the placement of the sentiment on the front of the folded die cut gates. Then add small drops of glue, only on the left side front, to adhere the sentiment.
Gluing sentiment to card front by Brass and Bliss Craft Co.

Look at how beautiful this card is when completed. Just lovely!

How to Make Simple Ombre Ink Blends for Cards. Beautiful Rose Valentine's Day Card
How to Make Simple Ombre Ink Blends for Cards
How to Make Simple Ombre Ink Blends for Cards
How to Make Simple Ombre Ink Blends for Cards

As you can see, Ombre Ink Blending is quite easy to accomplish. With a little patience and experimentation, you’ll be able to create beautiful gradient effects in no time! Please visit our Instagram account to see other cards that are as beautiful as this one.

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