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Simple Techniques for Card Making

Simple Techniques for Card Making. Slimline Shaker card by Brass and Bliss Craft Co.

Anyone else looking for a few new simple techniques for card making? Maybe some new tricks to add a little more flair to your craft-time extravaganza? Today’s VIDEO has a few fun tips that are sure to add a little somethin’-somethin’ to your next project!

Today we have a super fun video for you from our Designer, Sarah Wyles. Not only is she showing us how to make a creative slimline shaker card, but she is showing us a few new SIMPLE techniques for card making, and we can’t wait to dive in.

Check out this video and note how she uses her die to create a fun new stencil. Peep her use of splatters and how they add texture. Spot her use of inks and how she paints with them instead of using markers (Mind=Blown). These are just a few techniques that we feel many of us don’t utilize and we are so excited to try them out! If you haven’t already pressed play, what are you waiting for?

Ok, who else feels inspired? Raise your hand!

Slimline Shaker handmade card using "Bear Hugs Enclosed" stamp set by Brass and Bliss Craft Co.

She chose to use “36022-Bear Hugs Enclosed Set” which is not just for Valentine’s Day cards (as we have seen in these previous posts); there are several options for sentiments on this set that really wow! We love how Sarah chose to do a shaker card since it’s always a shiny interactive element and it gives the three bears their own window and showcase area. Fun, fun, fun!

We hope you learned a few new things from todays video. Was there anything new for you? Seasoned crafters may have all these tricks in their card-making tool box already, but for some of us newbies, it is so fun to learn something new! Follow us on Instagram for tons of additional inspiration!

Shop the supplies she used here:

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