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Stenciling Colorful Daisies on a Black Background

Stenciling on a black backgroun

Stenciling is all the rage these days and we just can’t get enough of this technique, especially when you see the colorful daisies on todays project.

Today Dominique is stenciling colorful daisies on a black background by using the new Brass and Bliss ‘4208 – Daisy Bloom Stencil‘ and ‘Color Fuse Inks – Sets #5, #6, #9, and #10‘. The vibrant hues against the black cardstock creates a striking contrast that truly makes the daisies pop. Dominique’s step-by-step guide makes it easy for anyone to try their hand at this fun and creative project. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, stenciling is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your handcrafted cards. So grab your supplies and let your imagination bloom with this exciting stenciling tutorial!

For today’s card, Dominique is sharing how to add little bit a mixed media. Here are the supplies that you are going to need:

  • 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ black sheet of card stock
  • Texture paste and a craft spatula
  • 4208 – Daisy Bloom 6×6 stencil
  • Ink colors and some blending brushes. Dominique is using ‘Color Fuse Set #5 – Fuchsia, Set #6 – Magenta, Set #9 – Dreamer, and Set #10 – Clover‘.
  • Shimmer mist
  • 5406-05D Hello Script w/Shadow Die
  • 5147-08D Small Butterflies Die
  • 5618D Small Classic Alphabet Die
  • a ruler or some low-tack tape
  • First, position the stencil over the paper in your desired position. Then secure your stencil to your paper or work surface. Dominique uses a magnetic glass mat, so she used magnets to hold the stencil in place. Low tack tape to stick tape also will work for this if magnets are not an option.
  • Next, using a craft spatula, spread some embossing paste over the stencil until you have complete coverage. Once complete, carefully remove the based from under the stencil and set this aside to dry. Since Dominique had all her materials out, she repeated this step three times. Once complete, immediately clean the stencil, spatula, and work surface before the texture paste dries. Dominique first wipes down her items with a baby wipe, then she cleans the stencil and spatula with Liquid Dawn Soap and warm water before drying. It takes about 20-30 minuets for the texture paste to dry.
  • Once the texture paste has dried, ink blend over the top of the white texture paste. Dominique wanted a colorful ombre effect so she used her blending brushes to achieve this look. She repositioned the stencil over the image. She did this so the ink blending brush would glide over the non-stenciled area. As she continued to apply new colors, she would slightly go over the previous color with the new color so there was a subtle mix. She repeated these steps for the additional three card panels.
  • Next, Dominique took the card panel and put it in her splatter box. She sprayed the sparkle shimmer mist over the card panel until it was nice and sparky. Her goal was to create a pretty shimmery nighttime sky.
  • Next, she die cut the word Hello, letters and small butterflies using ‘5406-05D – Hello Script w/Shadow Die‘, ‘5618 Small Classic Alphabet Dies‘, and ‘5147-08D – Small Butterflies Dies‘ using some silver foil card stock.
  • Dominique then positioned the ‘Hello” and glued it down. Next, she collected all the letters she needed to spell out “Friend” and “Beautiful”. Using the grid lines on her mat, she lined them all up, then used some low-tack tape and gently stuck that down on the letters. She picked up the tape with the letters attached, flipped it over, and put little drops of glue onto each letter. She then picked the tape back up again, positioned the letters onto the card base under the “Hello”, and pressed that down. Dominique placed a weight on top of the letters to help with the bonding while the glue dried. After about 2-minuets, she removed the weight and the tape.
  • While waiting for the letters to dry, Dominique decided to color the backs of the butterflies. She did this because she planned on having the wings folded up as if the butterfly was flying off the page. She wanted the card recipient to see colors on the back of the wings versus the plain while card stock.
  • Next, Dominique added some double sided tape to the back of her card panel and then attached the card panel to an A2 card base.
  • Lastly, she glued down the butterflies and her card was complete!

This was such a fun card to make. Be sure to visit us on Instagram, Pinterest or on our blog to see more exciting cards ready for Spring.

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