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Create a CAS Card with Masking Stencils and Texture Stencils

Stenciling techniques for handmade cards

Looking to jazz up your stencil game? Today’s card is dazzling us with masking and texture techniques that are sure to make your next handmade card a hit!

Today we have an awesome clean and simple card with masking stencils and texture stencils. Our designer, Carol, walks us through the steps to achieve this stunning look, and it’s easier than you think.

Directions for making this card:

  • Stamp the image from the Flowers and Vases Set in marker safe black ink. This image needs to be centered on your A2 sized white cardstock.
  • Add just a bit of temporary adhesive tape runner on the back of the center portion of the Rectangle Mask Stencil and then put it over the stamped image. Tip: I used the outer Rectangle Mask Stencil to help center it over the image.
  • Place the “texture” stencil from the Repeating Bricks Stencil set over the entire piece.
  • Use a small ink blending brush to color Chill ink (Color Fuse #12) through the stencil.
  • Remove this stencil, but keep the center rectangle stencil over the image, and place the brick stencil over the piece.
  • Using a pallet knife, spread white embossing paste through the brick stencil.
  • Carefully remove both stencils. I found that my craft pick was very helpful to remove the stencils and not mess up the texture paste.
  • Set the piece aside to dry, and immediately wash off the stencils and your tools.
  • When the texture paste is dry, color the image. Here you can see the marker colors I used.
  • So, I think this looks really pretty, but I think it’s missing depth. I pulled out the Rectangle Mask Stencil again and placed it over the piece.
  • I used the ink blending brush to lightly add Chill ink just around the edges.
  • Look at the difference this makes!
  • This looks so much better to me. What do you think is still missing?
  • The vase of flowers appears to be floating and needs some grounding.
  • I placed moveable tape across the bottom with a small mask of the bottom of the vase.
  • Place the Rectangle Mask Stencil and add more Chill ink to the bottom of the rectangle with an ink blending brush.
  • Much better!
  • Adhere the finished panel to an A2 card base with glue.
  • Stamp the sentiment included in the Flowers and Vases Set in black ink. Trim it into a strip.
  • Add foam tape to the back to adhere it to the card.
Clean and Simple Card with Masking stencils and Texture Stencils

WOW! We are impressed. We love how clean this card is and it really does make a statement! Pin this card for later so you can try out this technique when the mood strikes you. Better yet, head to your craft room now and whip up some crafty goodness using these tips. Be sure to tag us in all your creations #brassandblisscraftco; we love to share with the crafting community! We hope you loved learning about masking stencils and texture stencils as much as we did!

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